Our private showroom showcases a beautiful mixture between high-end interior brands as well as our own collections.

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Our Brands

Modular sofa in white
Founded in 2011, NORR11 is a prestigious Danish brand, renowned for its modern takes on design classics and timeless aesthetics. Of course, for this reason alone we knew we wanted to bring a little piece of their stunning interior pieces to our showroom. You can find some of their best designs both at our website and showroom. 
Based in Amsterdam, WDSTCK continuously captures Dutch design principles adorned with a sense of otherworldliness. Their peculiar and romantic designs immediately stole our hearts and we simply had no choice but to incorporate a touch of WDSTCK into our space. Find their Burned Coffee Table in our interior showroom, or explore other options together with us. 
Cappelen Dimyr
The Danish brand is quickly taking over the world and it was a no-brainer for us to showcase their timeless take on rugs and tapestry. Their tactile rugs are even more enchanting in real life, so come see and most importantly feel their beautiful designs for yourself. 

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