WDSTCK: Burned Coffee Table


Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy. It embraces simplicity, natural materials, irregularities and asymmetry. In wabi it is believed that beauty lies in imperfection. This inspired the design of the Burned Coffee Table. A table that is characterized by simple lines, warm tones and a timeless aesthetic. Its subdued color and elegant form are the results of the shou sugi ban technique. A traditional Japanese way to preserve wood by charring it. By using this method all sharp edges disappear and a natural smooth surface with spontaneous cracks is left behind. Selected on quality and authenticity, only sustainable wood is used. The design of the Burned Coffee Table is close to the ground, it reminds us of the tables in classic Japanese homes.


Table height: 20 cm
Material: Burned European wood
Dimensions: Made to measure
Design year: 2020
Prices: Starting at € 2500,-

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