Stone & Palm 2.0

A year ago, we launched our website and webshop. With a clear vision and values, we set out to make our mark in the business of ‘homemaking’.

Shortly after, the European climate changed and so did our industry. It forced us to roll with the punches and ride the waves, and we did.

It reminded us of our very first vision for Stone & Palm, which was to create timeless and sustainable designs for interior objects. With this reminder, we decided to double-down on our core mission.

And so with sincere joy and humility, we will continue Stone & Palm with a strong focus on our very own designs. This means you, our beloved customer, will be able to purchase unique objects that we have designed with you in mind.

With this change and with our personal backgrounds in mind, we will also offer a small collection of artworks. Art has always been a driving force of inspiration for us, and it is time to share this drive with you.

As we continue our business during this transformation, you may notice subtle changes on our website, and we are grateful for your patience and everlasting support. Thank you for being part of our journey.


Maral Moni
Founder Stone & Palm