"a space for storytellers"
if your home had a voice, which story would it tell?

After years of research and observing the market, founder Maral Moni decided it was time to disrupt the industry and bring an entirely new experience to The Netherlands. STONE & PALM was launched early 2022 and its core mission is to provide a unique, personalized shopping experience where clients aren't rushed through their buying process, but instead are provided with the time and assistance they need.

In a time where our competitors are constantly expanding into bigger collections, we are stubbornly going against the grain of modern consumerism. We do this by offering a limited collection of interior pieces we can truly vouch for. By choosing quality over quantity, we invite people to buy less and buy better.

Curious to see what we have to offer you? You can book your free showroom visit with our booking tool.

For our fellow creatives, we offer studio rentals for photoshoots, small events and bespoke purposes. Find out more here.

For questions and detailed information, visit our dedicated page.